With all the different avenues for your social media marketing dollars, and the limited budget you have allocated to marketing in general, it becomes difficult to decide what platforms to pursue. That is why we wanted to highlight the benefits and challenges that you might face on three of the most popular social media platforms. Today we are going to focus on:


Twitter has grown from a small, niche platform for sharing your thoughts and feelings, into a social media giant that is the go-to location for news updates and live event streams. While it isn’t the best platform for a lot of businesses, Twitter offers something that no other platform can boast, real time engagement with customers. Users on Twitter are typically looking for a way to share information or thoughts on a variety of topics. Through live chats and hashtag management, businesses have found new fans and engaged large numbers of customers. Twitter allows you to put a personal touch to your company, and it can really help increase your reputation with existing and new customers. Want to share a heartfelt message about a new addition to your company? Twitter allows you to share that information with your customers, and then engage them in dialogue surrounding that topic. Some potentially failing businesses have even found new life through hiring part-time brand ambassadors who answer questions and concerns that people post about their products on Twitter. Nothing says that you care more than a non-canned response from a real person addressing your issues with a product or service. This is especially true when the user is venting and isn’t necessarily expecting anything in response.

One issue that many businesses face on Twitter is that they miss out on the purpose of the platform and attempt to just give out information rather than engage in dialogue. Companies that just share updates regarding their products don’t see nearly the return that others do, mainly because they aren’t engaging with users on a personal level. Twitter allows you to not only target new audiences, but also maintain existing brand attachments. If you choose to focus on Twitter, make sure that you are willing to put the time into connecting with your users and addressing their questions, concerns, and praise.


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