Business owners:  Are you looking to cash in big on the 1.5 million people who are coming in to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby Festival?

Believe it or not, it’s not too late.  Digital and social marketing give you extraordinary abilities to target people, right where they are, including:


We can push a digital ad to anyone that is on a particular IP address, by location. We can reach customers using free Wi-Fi, for instance, making it very easy to target people staying in a certain hotel, or in the grandstands at the race, and much more.


Have you thought of sending a Derby week offer to people who are following Derby-oriented social media properties, or those who have liked the Kentucky Derby online?  If you have a store/restaurant anywhere in the Louisville area, or a business selling Derby-themed products nationally, now is the time to strike with a very inexpensive buy going straight to your target.


People who are looking up certain Derby-oriented queries can be served up ads specific to their interests. Own a restaurant? Offer up a Derby week deal for those who make reservations, for instance.


I’ve used the Derby as an example here.  But really, the strategy I’m outlining here could work for any event that will attract your target audience. The point I’m really making is about bringing the combination of location and events to your marketing. You can be surprised how much bang you can get for your marketing buck with this strategy.  If you’d like to set something up for Derby, call us at dRae.  It’s not too late! And, longer-term, we’d be happy to consult with you regarding a winning content/advertising strategy.

Happy Derby Week!

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